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O-Life Caddy Organizer for Hanging Keys and Storing Pens, Notes, Charging Cables, Adapters and other Supplies for Offices, Classrooms and Homes - White

O-Life Caddy Organizer for Hanging Keys and Storing Pens, Notes, Charging Cables, Adapters and other Supplies for Offices, Classrooms and Homes - White
  1. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We know you'll love our wall mounted organizer and we're not afraid to stand behind it. If you're not happy with it, neither are we. That's why we offer a no questions asked, money back guarantee. Just send us a message and return the set for a full refund. CLICK ADD TO CART NOW
  2. MULTI PURPOSE STORAGE - This organizer takes the stress out of keeping up with small items. Place it on the side of the fridge, mount it next to your computer at work, or even in your school locker. Then store your Pens, Business Cards, Pencils, Notes, Letters, Phones, Chargers, Scissors, Coupons, Lists, Staplers, Paper Clips in it. You'll never misplace a pen or notepad again.
  3. GREAT GIFT FOR EVERYONE - This is the perfect organizational accessory for creating order out of chaos. It makes a great gift for students, teachers, parents, or coworkers. Keeping up with all your markers, pens, notepads, and keys just got easier. A little more organization will bring the stress levels down and the productivity levels up. Give them the gift of organization and productivity.
  4. HIGH QUALITY MOUNTING HARDWARE - This organizer can be mounted 5 different ways. We include screws for mounting to a wall or hanging on a wall, 4 strong magnets to mount it on a fridge or any metal surfaces, durable double sided 3M tape for near permanent sticking to any surface you can imagine and plastic clips to mount on top of partitions. This handy organizer can be put exactly where you need it to be.
  5. PREMIUM MATERIALS & DESIGN - Made from hard, high-quality plastic that can handle daily use and abuse. The design is sleek and modern. The curved lines add aesthetic appeal, but don't subtract any functionality. This organizer will help you keep your desk organized by keep all your pens, pencils, markers, sharpies, paper clips, thumb tacks and sticky notes off your desk and organized.

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Version of the Month – August 2016

TWC7 or, The Adventures of a Hat. For Nathan. I assume that even a hat would find it boring after a while, sitting on a shelf. Fishing tackle sat cheek by jowl with camping gear of all descriptions, which was next to an aisle unobscured of racks of clothes in every imaginable... There were bins of...

Dribble DRIP

Killjoy — before going out to the camper, I retrieved some food from my shelves in the basement. Only to discover we had an uninvited guest who had helped itself to Robin’s dog commons. I moved assorted packaged edibles into hard plastic storage bins and placed some tasty treats in their place. DRIP —...

... Cases > Rotund Waterproof/hard plastic storage boxes for car /trunk

Lovely, efficient and beer-filled Bavaria

We were fairly tired when we arrived in Munich on a warm June morning having travelled on an overnight bus from Rome. The regimental bus drivers wanted the entirety to run smoothly and were rather strict and abrupt with the passengers. Reflecting on this, they made us all feel like we were back in...

... Storage > Transportable Hard Plastic Storage Bin - Peterborough

Cloths Storage Bins with Label Holders, Magicfly 6 Pack Fodable Fabric Cube Organizers with Dual Handles for Closet, Books, Socks, 12", Black

Cloths Storage Bins with Label Holders, Magicfly 6 Pack Fodable Fabric Cube Organizers with Dual Handles for Closet, Books, Socks, 12
  1. COLLAPSIBLE STORAGE CUBE: The foldable design of Magicfly Fabric Drawer means that it's space-saving and convenient to take along. You could simply fold them up when you don't use or when you need them for a trip.
  2. DURABLE && BIG CAPACITY: Made by thicken and non-woven fabric and hard cardboard, durable and no deformation. With a maximum storage weight of 5kg (11lb) each and a dimension of 12"x12"x12'' (Large Size), this Storage Basket maximizes storage possibilities by providing you lightweight and space-saving solutions.
  3. EASY TRANSPORT & CLEANING: Double sturdy handles design for easy to slide in and pull out of your cube shelves, and clean with a dry rag or soft brushes in few minutes.
  4. LABEL HOLDER & STURDY HANDLE: Each Fabric Drawer Organizer comes with a transparent plastic label holder that makes it so much easier for arranging items and finding them later on. The Cubicle fabric container also comes with a sturdy handle making it convenient for you to pull out the bins from the shelves.
  5. MULTIPLE-FUNCTIONAL CONTAINER: The size of this Fabric Drawer Organizer makes it ideal for storing stuff ranging from toddler clothes, underwear, socks, sweatshirts to even small records or albums. It's a good storage helper for your whole family!

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What to do when too multifarious newspapers start piling up

The plastic storage containers are filled to capacity with each one strategically ... You see those of us in the newspaper business have a hard time throwing old newspapers away. So we hold onto to them, and eventually store them away.

Weaving Rattan Plastic Storage Baskets/Bins Organizer with Handles,Set of 3,Beige White,Honla

Weaving Rattan Plastic Storage Baskets/Bins Organizer with Handles,Set of 3,Beige White,Honla
  1. Perforated pattern allows for ventilation,good storage solution for office,bedroom,closet,bathroom counter top/vanity,laundry room,kitchen cabinet,pantry or living room extra organization.
  2. Little cut-out ear handles for easy carrying/transport or pulling out from open shelving as shelf baskets,deep sides of plastic baskets set allow for taller items like books organizing on bookcase.
  3. Outside like rattan weave,inside are smooth,premium quality flexible construction,no sharp edge,unbreakable and durable containers for kids'small toy pieces use in playroom/play room.
  4. Made of durable woven plastic,FDA approved and BPA free,these plastic rattan baskets are definitely safe as food/vegetables/fruits holder in the large freezer/refrigerator.
  5. 3-piece plastic woven basket set,measures 9.37"L x 6.38"W x 5.39"H,lightweight and easy to clean,just wipe clean with damp cloth,with an elegant and classy appearance,also making great gift ideas.

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The Discontinuance of a Family.

That’s a photograph in my care for, of a woman not yet out of her teens, barely pregnant, nude, and in candlelight, and it’s hard to imagine the slight ... Socks, pans, plastic food storage containers that will be stashed away with leftovers until they ...

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12 Hard Plastic Storage Shipping Containers Pots Fanciful For Beads ...

Plastic containers are poisoning you and your blood

Most plastic containers, such as storage containers, sipping cups ... Bisphenol A, or BPA, is utilized to manufacture a hard, clear plastic called polycarbonate plastic. It is often used in water bottles, sipping cups, and baby bottles. Disclosure to BPA ...

Gift Wrap Organizer - Storage for Wrapping Paper (All Sized Rolls), Gift Bags, Bows, Ribbon and More - Organize Your Closet with this Hanging Bag & Box to Have Organization, Clear Pockets & Hook Hangs

Gift Wrap Organizer - Storage for Wrapping Paper (All Sized Rolls), Gift Bags, Bows, Ribbon and More - Organize Your Closet with this Hanging Bag & Box to Have Organization, Clear Pockets & Hook Hangs
  1. STURDY CONSTRUCTION: A built in hook hangs perfectly in any closet, on a rod or hook. Can also be installed on the back of a door. Easy installation and set up and you will have organization like you have never seen.
  2. STORAGE CONTAINER SIMPLIFIED: Whether its birthday or Christmas holidays gift wrap, there is a place for it in this gift wrap organizer. Store all of your gift bags, ribbon, bows, cards and just about anything else related to gift giving
  3. FITS EVERYTHING: Holds many rolls of gift wrapping paper, flat boxes, tape, scissors and more. Measuring
  4. GIFT AND ORGANIZER: Does your mom or wife need to organize things? This storage gift may end up being mutually beneficial
  5. UPRIGHT DESIGN: With clear plastic pockets and an upright design, it makes finding what you are looking for real easy. Just pull out what you need and wrap that present! Or put a bow on it

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Smartwater Bottles

Flood bottles have evolved a lot since I started backpacking, from metal canteens to the white plastic ... bag type storage depending on the time of year and topography. In fact you will often find me with up to four different storage containers as I do ...

Military Hard Plastic Storage Bear Case Box Container Spec. 81755 ...

Be wary BPA vs. BPA free: the plastics industry is trading one toxin for another

Or perchance the young ones gnawed on compact discs, cell phones, sunglasses and food storage containers. BPA helps form the hard, forgive explain plastic called polycarbonate, along with the epoxy resins used in boats, cars, planes and linings in food cans.

12 Hard Plastic Storage Shipping Containers Pots Visionary For Beads ...

... Storage Container,Plastic Chow Storage Container,Hard Plastic Storage

The Final Guide To Creating A Greener Kitchen

When scenery out to create a greener kitchen and home it’s hard to know where to start ... it’s important to use sustainable food storage, and glass and stainless bite the bullet are two good options. Glass containers such as Pyrex and Glasslock are certainly ...

Lot of 20ct Hard Plastic Storage Dividable Grid Container 4 Color Self-governing ...

Establish Extendable LED Lights to Make a Great Storage System

It's in the kids toy storage branch. It consists of a wooden frame with slots to slide in plastic bins/tubs of various ... room lighting is not the best. Most of my bins are baneful and some are deep, it can be hard to find what you are looking for even ...

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