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Circle Silicone Mold. Material: U.S.food-grade silicone (FDA standard). Each Mold Size - 11 x 6.7 x 1.5 inches.

Zenware 12 Round Cup Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mold for Cupcakes, Muffins & Mini Cakes

Zenware 12 Round Cup Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mold for Cupcakes, Muffins & Mini Cakes
  1. CUSTOMER FIRST: Reliable customer service is our priority. Product comes with the Zenware Brand Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your product, we readily offer a hassle-free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  2. CIRCULAR MOLDS: Features circle molds that can be used to make cupcakes, muffins, mini cakes, cake pops, cookies, lollipops, chocolates, breads, mini quiches and potpies, pudding and more! Also doubles as a great ice cube tray, chocolate mold, or soap mold.
  3. HEALTHY & SAFE: Oven safe, freezer safe, dishwasher safe. Maximum heat capacity of 450°F ensures that the mold won't melt in your oven. Or, throw it in the freezer for ice or mini popsicles! FDA approved and BPA free bakeware - Rest assured that you're baking safe treats for you and your family.
  4. EASY TO USE: Bake your favorite sweet treats easily and with less mess using Zenware Silicone Baking Molds. Silicone baking molds are non-stick, so you get whole muffins and cupcakes on your plate, instead of half of them left sticking to your baking pan. You only need a light coating of non-stick spray or oil, then pour batter, bake, and pop them out of the flexible baking tray. More time eating, less time cleaning the kitchen.
  5. Package Includes: 1 - Zenware Silicone Baking Tray for Muffins or Cupcakes

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" Maven results are easy to achieve with EnviroTex® Jewelry Resin. It visually enhances the surface on which it is applied, resulting in brighter, deeper and more hysterical colors. EnviroTex® Jewelry Resin has amazing bubble release. It is easy and fun to use and has a pleasing citrus...

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Here in the PNW, philosophy doesn't start for close to another month, but I've been seeing my friends' children starting already in Hawaii and hugely... Do you have any little ones starting preschool or kindergarten this year. We've created a fun Peppa Pig themed lunch to nick keep your littles excited...

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These are adroit cookies to make with kids or to surprise anyone at a Fiesta. (Just make sure there is no white carpeting. ) The surprise incarcerated is guaranteed to have people grabbing a few more. These are a labor of love, but are well worth it in the end. 1 pouch sugar cookie mix. 1 stump butter,...


This touch needs a recipe that will remain fluid for a long time. I chose my favorite recipe using Camelina Gold Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Avocado Oil (quantity 1 only), Apricot kernel Oil (batch 3 only) and a... It is recommended to hand mix/whisk all ingredients and not use a stick blender...

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Zicome 6 Cavities Large Half Circle Silicone Delicate Chocolate Desserts, Ice Cream Bombes, Cakes, Soap Making Mold

Zicome 6 Cavities Large Half Circle Silicone Delicate Chocolate Desserts, Ice Cream Bombes, Cakes, Soap Making Mold
  1. FOOD-GRADE SAFE SILICONE - FDA approved, BPA-free,eco-friendly,non-toxic.Safe for use in microwave,freezer,oven and refrigerator.Wide Range Temperature tolerance: -40 to 450F (0-230C).
  2. USE WARMING TIPS:(1) Make sure to place pan on a cookie sheet before filling with batter and placing in the oven so that it will be easier to handle when full.(2) It's a good idea to spray them with a baking spray.(3) After about 10-15 minutes to cool,the cake balls will be popped right out.
  3. EASY TO CLEAN - Safe in the dishwasher,Re-usable and durable
  4. EASY TO USE - Flexible, nonstick, easy to release.
  5. DIMENSIONS: 29.5 x 17.5 x 3.3cm; WEIGHT: 133g; Ideal for making Soap, Cake, Muffin, Banana-bread, Cheesecake, Bread, Cupcake, Cornbread, Brownie, Biscuit and More

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Circle Disk 1 inch Easy Silicone Mold Mould Jewlery Mold, Resin M ...

X-Haibei Round Circles Soap Silicone Mold Chocolate Jelly Muffin Cupcake Baking Mould

X-Haibei Round Circles Soap Silicone Mold Chocolate Jelly Muffin Cupcake Baking Mould
  1. Color: ITEM COLR RANDOMLY SENT(possibly not the same color as pictures),if you dont accept that,please contact us before you bid it.Thank you.
  2. dimension:each cell dimension:2.75"(top),2.4"(bottom)x1.1"
  3. Material: U.S.food-grade silicone (FDA standard)
  4. Net,weight(gram):130
  5. Quantity:1

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Word go, make the filling. ( I generally do this a day ahead of time, but if you have plenty of time to allow the filling to cook and sang-froid, then you can do it the same day. ) Put the mung beans and the water in a small saucepan. Simmer over medium to medium-low heat (uncovered) for about 30...

Silicone Circle Cylinder Circular Soap Molds Cake Jelly by HersMolds

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LiquaCast Profitable Molding Rubber INSTRUCTIONS

Concordant with 1: Place a round bottomed mixing bowl on a scale and adjust the scale ... Some resin models may adhere to this rubber or soften, in which pack Castaldo silicone mold release spray will help. Other resin models may become soft or result in soft rubber ...

(2 Pack) 8-Cavity Round Silicone Mold for Soap, Cake, Bread, Cupcake, Cheesecake, Cornbread, Muffin, Brownie, and More

(2 Pack) 8-Cavity Round Silicone Mold for Soap, Cake, Bread, Cupcake, Cheesecake, Cornbread, Muffin, Brownie, and More
  1. Flexible and Non-Stick. Baked Goods and Soap Molds Pop Out Easily.
  2. Each Cavity Size -2.3 x 1.5 inches
  3. Each Mold Size - 11 x 6.7 x 1.5 inches
  4. Microwave, Oven, Refrigerator, Freezer and Dishwasher Safe.
  5. High Quality Food-Grade Silicone. Meets FDA Safety Standards.

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Maximum price$8.992017-11-16

Details about Semi-circle Half Ball Silicone Chocolate Ice Pan Tray Cookie Baking Mold Makes24

- 100% kind new.Commerical level quality, duable, reusable, non-stick, non-toxic. - Microwave and freezer safe. Easy to use and fess up. - Suitable for cake, cupcake, chocolate, jelly, ice cream, soap etc. - Material: High Quality Sustenance Grade Silicone.

Circle Silicone Mold | eBay

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Details about Big Precise Biscuit Silicone Mold Mould (45mm) - For Resin Polymer Clay Soap Wax C

This is the reward (excluding shipping and handling fees) this seller has provided at which the seller has sold the same item, or one that is virtually identical to it, in the recent history. The "off" amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated ...

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The "off" amount and piece simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller's price on eBay. If you have any questions coupled to the pricing and/or discount offered in a particular ...

17 Simple-hearted Home Repairs and Upgrades That Will Save You Bundles of Money

To enjoin water from reaching walls and floors where it can cause mold and rot, keep the seams around fixtures, tubs and showers tightly sealed. Latex caulk is easier to use, but silicone caulk ... On the victory round, look for plants touching or brushing ...

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