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Bling Wedding Cake Stand , Cupcake Base , Dessert Serving Plate / Centerpiece (16'' Round, Silver)

Bling Wedding Cake Stand , Cupcake Base , Dessert Serving Plate / Centerpiece (16'' Round, Silver)
  1. Ideal for wedding cakes, dessert presentation, centerpieces, cupcakes, buffet tables and more.
  2. Silver color, 16 inches round, Height 3 1/4 inches
  3. Holds over 150 lbs! Designed and intended for limited use, but many caterers use them several times.
  4. Our "faux-Rhinestone" Cake Stands, are made of Lightweight bakery approved materials: faux- rhinestones (not real stones), ultra high density styrofoam and hard top MDF board.
  5. Do not submerge in water, just wipe clean. Cake and flowers not included

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GiftBay Wedding Cake Stand Cubed 14" Silver, Strongly Built For ...

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Wedding Antiquated Look 18 inch Round Silver Cake Stand - Hire - Wedding ...

GiftBay Creations 743-16R.AMA Wedding Round Cake Stand, 16-Inch, Silver

GiftBay Creations 743-16R.AMA Wedding Round Cake Stand, 16-Inch, Silver
  1. So beautiful that our customers often send feedbacks like, "Pictures don't describe the true beauty"
  2. Wedding silver cake stand 16" round top surface with 6.25" height
  3. Silver finish - nickel plated and very strongly built with heavy gauge aluminum sheet to withstand the weight of wedding multilayer cake
  4. Adorned with unique hammered design In the center of top surface skillfully created by hands
  5. Beautifully hand embossed on the sides, legs and on the top surface border by our expert artisans

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Silver Plated Wedding Cake Stand 15in

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Silver Plated Wedding Cake Stand 15in

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Glittering Silver Wedding Cake Stand Tapered 16" Round

Glittering Silver Wedding Cake Stand Tapered 16
  1. It is a perfect match to adorn a beautiful wedding cake of your choice.
  2. Tapered cake stand with silver finish and nickel plated. It is very strongly built for multi-layer cake decoration
  3. It is so beautiful that our customers send feedbacks, "Pictures don't describe the true Beauty."
  4. The top surface is 16" Round and height is about 4.25". Bottom diameter is about 20".
  5. It is hand embossed on all the exposed surfaces with a classic rich design

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Silver Wedding Cake Stand Square 16"x16" a Strongly Built Masterpiece for Multilayer Cake

Silver Wedding Cake Stand Square 16
  1. It is embossed on the sides, legs, and on the top surface border
  2. In the center it is adorned with unique hammered design
  3. The top surface is 16"x 16" square and height is about 6.25"
  4. Silver finish with nickel plated and very strongly built for multilayer cake
  5. It is so beautiful that our customers send feedbacks, "Pictures don't describe the true Beauty."

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Fondness this Silver Wedding Cake Stand by Save On Crafts on #zulily! # ...

Silver Plated Around Wedding Cake Stand 40cm (16")

Silver Wedding Cake Stands | Wedding Cakes Decor

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