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Easy Bake Oven Cupcake Maker. Put in baking cups and bake in oven.. Eat your delicious cupcakes..

Cupcake Maker Salon

Cupcake Maker Salon
  1. Easy to play, baking has never been so much fun!
  2. Hard to forget, you can easily save the picture or share it with your family and friends via E-mails!
  3. Time to eat, never miss a chance to give yourself the cate!
  4. Hundreds of choices, pick anything you like to bake!
  5. A weekly award is hold for you to show others the tasty cupcake you just made!

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cupcake maker reminds me of easy bake oven but for adults from easy ...

1000 Ice Cream and Gelato Recipes 8 Books on cd Ice Cream Maker Fast Easy

1000 Ice Cream and Gelato Recipes 8 Books on cd Ice Cream Maker Fast Easy

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    ... Easy Bake Oven accessories and Miss Gourmet Cupcake maker with Stuff

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    Cupcakes Maker – Games for Girls Kids Free.

    Cupcakes Maker – Games for Girls Kids Free.
    1. Easy tap and drag game play.
    2. Kids friendly content
    3. Prepare floor by mixing all ingredients.
    4. Put in baking cups and bake in oven.
    5. HD visuals, graphics and BG music
    6. Eat your delicious cupcakes.
    7. No violence, sex, horror or nudity
    8. Customize background wallpaper, platter, and other food items to serve with it.
    9. No sickness, hospital, doctor or dentist

    Dessert Maker Salon - Kids Cooking Game

    Dessert Maker Salon - Kids Cooking Game
    1. How to Play:
    2. But wait, don't dig in just yet! Before you devour your sweet donut or candy cupcake, you should decorate it! Add chocolate frosting to turn an ordinary baked sweet into an extraordinary one. Glaze the donuts one by one and add rainbow sprinkles, or just dip them in chocolate and eat them right up. It's easy to create and bake your own sweets, all you need is a little creativity!
    3. - No cooking mess, just cooking success!
    4. The best desserts are the desserts that don't make a mess in your kitchen. Build and design cupcakes, donuts, ice cream sweets, chocolate candy and lots more in this amazing baking and cooking app, all without stepping foot in a real kitchen! Start by mixing up the ingredients for your favorite dessert. Vanilla cream, flour, eggs and chocolate go well together, so stir them up and pour them in a pan. Then bake each dessert until it's hot and ready to eat.
    5. - Add decorations and patterns by tapping on the screen.
    6. - Bake each treat in the oven until it's ready to eat.
    7. - Use the touch screen to choose a dessert to bake.
    8. - Decorate your cupcakes and donuts with frostings and toppings.
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    10. Features:
    11. - Create yummy desserts from scratch.
    12. - Mix the ingredients well, then bake.
    13. Know more about Kids Food Games at our official website: http://www.kidsfoodinc.com/
    14. Who's ready for a sweet donut treat? how about a tasty chocolate cupcake with candy baked on top? Or maybe some vanilla ice cream in a cone? With Dessert Maker, you can make any kind of sweet treat you can imagine! Shape and bake donuts one by one, decorating them with sprinkles and candy toppings. Make a birthday cake, frost cupcakes, shape ice cream and add sweet vanilla topping on your favorite banana split. Bake chocolate treats in your very own virtual kitchen, then sit down and enjoy the sweet rewards!
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    My new cupcake maker!!! :) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    ... fun! Jakks Pacific Stuff Gourmet Cupcake Maker - Bargain Hunting Moms

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