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Small Plastic Boxes. Lot of six (6) boxes. Clear plastic containers  .

SE 8741BB 12 Stackable Square Plastic Containers, Clear

SE 8741BB 12 Stackable Square Plastic Containers, Clear
  1. Used for storing or displaying beads, glitter, seeds, gems, pills, screws
  2. Clear plastic containers  
  3. Stackable design
  4. Dimensions in Inches: 1-1/4 x 1-1/4 x 3/4 
  5. Press close lids 

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21 August: surprising and suffered company

The toothed leaves of Melianthus main smell like peanut butter to some and like dirty socks to others. These four friends were evenly divided. Cora smelled peanut butter, Mia smelled obscene socks. She had found our house by the Tangly Cottage sign over the garage door. After their departure, I...

One Dozen Small Acrylic Boxes Translucent Lavendar by Vivavivant

Out of Shocking: the Semi-Immortality of Household Waste

You indubitably have one in your bedroom—a simple digital clock with big illuminated numerals you can read across the room. It consists of some simple-hearted mechanical and electrical components, and a box of molded plastic. It gains a minute every couple of months and is now 14 minutes immoral. But in the...

Buy Small Plastic Organiser Box with Nine Compartments

Growing Pains for Detroit's Urban Farms

DETROIT, Mich. —On a friendly summer afternoon, an ice cream truck sits parked near Woodrow Wilson and West Euclid Lane in Detroit, in front of two boarded-up... The doors bear signs warning that the homes are facing foreclosure and close transfer to the Detroit Land Bank. The truck’s jingle...

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Maymom Small Plastic Box with Hinged Lid for Small Parts, Crafts, Beads, Jewelry and Watch Parts (6 boxes, Clear)

Maymom Small Plastic Box with Hinged Lid for Small Parts, Crafts, Beads, Jewelry and Watch Parts (6 boxes, Clear)
  1. Can Be Used for Work Shop, Home, School and Office
  2. Impact Resistant Individual Containers to Organize Small Parts, Crafts, Beads, Jewelry and Watch Findings
  3. Keep Small Items Separated and Easy to Identify
  4. Individual Containers with Flip-Up Lids to Keep Items Separate and Organized
  5. Clear Storage Containers Measure: 3.6*2.3*1.25 H inches (see photos for details) Made Of Clear non-brittle, BPA-free, food-safe polyproylene

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It's Not Inviting Sewing...It's Domestic

I survived my to begin week of classes and balanced some field work. Delivering the first lecture in each of my classes -- energetic eyed students who are excited to start university and the familiar faces of returning... In early August, I became stubborn to sew some useful things that would be more...

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An Organizational Tip

As a associate of a Victoria based demonstrator group, I was supposed to participate in a blog hop this Saturday. As an afterthought, I decided to brace my organizational tip now and will link to the other members' blogs. I love sponging. I find it adds dimension to layers or punched pieces. In the...

Shortcut by way of the mountains to Bishkek

It is farcical how perception can change. After so much time in little places, Kochkor seemed almost like the height of civilisation. It had a mini store that actually had stuff you wanted to buy, and aisles, so you can pick your stuff yourself , rather than ask someone over the... Civilisation.

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Admit up guide

After a basic bout of organising things last year, this year I had set out to simplify things after finding the energy when I met my online... It all started when I for ever did something about the bad layout in the room upstairs and in less than two weeks I organised and sorted out unused... For...

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IRIS Small Modular Supply Case, 10 Pack, Clear

IRIS Small Modular Supply Case, 10 Pack, Clear
  1. 10 Pack Set
  2. BPA free, acid-free, PVC-free, lignin free, recycle #5 and Made in the USA
  3. Latches keep lid attached and content secure
  4. Perfect for craft and hobby, office, and school supplies
  5. Dimensions: 5.08"L x 5.25"W x 1.98"H

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Surfers Against Sewage collect summon for people to be charged a deposit on plastic bottles

Surfers Against Sewage's action, Message In A Bottle, is pushing for a small deposit to be placed on plastic bottles and other drinks containers with the money returned when the items are recycled well. Each day we use 38.5 million plastic bottles ...

Mini Clippy Boxes Niche Boxes Handy Baskets Plastic Drawer Units ...

Three Day Weekend...Three Days of Saling!

It was the third week of August and this week meant another Friday vacation day for the two of us. We could indeed get used to this. We found sales to go to on each of the three days off. Sunday seemed to have the best sale of the bunch but we were hopeful that we would point to fun things the other...

KR bazaar is, grudgingly, greener

BENGALURU: When a plastic ban was announced in at March ... She also suggests that restaurants rent-out containers by taking a small deposit or tie up with companies that rent-out cutleries. Individuals, and not just commercial establishments, too ...

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Red hot air

When I went to the big apple at the weekend I needed to take some stuff that was floating about in a small plastic box... It needed a sort & maybe if I wanted to to work on it...well I did just a small bit of knocking out buttons that had retired from the ...

Bar Brat Corkscrew

We don't concert-hall too many guests at our home, but occasionally we enjoy company here or there along witb weekend book join with the ladies. This is a very presentable bar tool. Hubby loves his liquor and the ladies and myself enjoy some fine wine. It feels least durable, steady and firm. Only...

... Put forth Boxes Plastic Boxes Small Plastic Box White 114x76x38mm

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