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Cupcake Carrying Case. Two Tier Cupcake Storage Container and Carrier.

VonShef Snap and Stack Cupcake Storage Carrier 2 Tier - Store up to 24 Cupcakes or 2 Large Cakes

VonShef Snap and Stack Cupcake Storage Carrier 2 Tier - Store up to 24 Cupcakes or 2 Large Cakes
  1. Carry Handle for ease of transport - The size of each tier : 13.6" long. 10.2" wide. 4.1" high
  2. Split the layers for 12 cupcakes in each container
  3. Lightweight & hygienic - Keep your baked goods fresh!
  4. Strong Locking Clips ensure safe storage & maintains Freshness
  5. Two Tier Cupcake Storage Container and Carrier

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Pliable Cake & Cupcake Carrying Case at IMshopping

Cupcake Bake and Lug Case, Tiffany Blue

Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier, Teal - in Amazon Frustration Free Packaging

Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier, Teal - in Amazon Frustration Free Packaging
  1. Trays can be removed to accommodate layered round and square cakes
  2. Collapsible lid features a carrying handle for easy transport; secured to the base with attached clips
  3. Innovative cake/cupcake carrier collapses to 1/2 its original height for storage; Amazon exclusive frustration free packaging
  4. Measures 16-Inch in diameter, 5-Inch high when collapsed; BPA free tested, dishwasher safe
  5. Tiered cupcake trays hold up to 24 cupcakes with finger recesses for easy removal

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tractable cake cupcake carrying case plastic cake cupcake carrying case ...

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Snapware 2-Layer Cupcake and Cookie Carrier

Snapware 2-Layer Cupcake and Cookie Carrier
  1. Lifetime warranty
  2. Snap 'N Stack Food Storage 2 Layer Cookie and Cupcake Carrier includes 2 reversible inserts
  3. Clear plastic makes contents easy to see
  4. Durable handle for portability
  5. Internal trays to organize items

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Cupcake Courier G0214B Cupcake Carrier- White Translucent,

Cupcake Courier G0214B Cupcake Carrier- White Translucent,
  1. Remove trays for items such as layered cakes
  2. Fashionable design with translucent colors, perfect for events, parties and storage
  3. Transports 36 cupcakes or muffins all in one easy, great looking container
  4. Sturdy top handle and simple snap system
  5. Add cookie sheet to transform each tier to flat surface to hold cookies, brownies and much more; sold separately

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... time of cupcakes i saw this cupcake carrying case at awesome and had

Cupcake Haulier

Fifth, does the cupcake Immunology vector have a single top handle or does it carry from ... A must have for the avid baker, this innovative plastic carrying case makes it simple to bring cupcakes and muffins to picnics, parties, and other events.

Cupcake Bake and Kidnap Case, Tiffany Blue

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Ruth's Cupcakes a scented spot for meal

"I had to put in the oven, my panini grill, a go down to, my sandwich bar and, of course, my cupcake case." In addition to a scrumptious ... filled with Bavarian cream and dipped in ganache. We also carry gluten-relieved of cupcakes and sugar-free cupcakes for those ...

iStar Cases? iPhone 5/5S Case with Chevron Repetition Pink Cupcake/ Deep Pink Stripe , Snap-on Cover, Hard Carrying Case (White)

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Friend lenses case is composed of hard durable plastic material and features cupcakes and desserts on the top Twist-top design prevents leakage and the keeps the lenses from drying out Leftist and right sides are clearly marked with an L and an R on to let ...

Unripe Tie-dye Cupcake Carrying Case by DanielleLondon on Etsy

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