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Clear Plastic Cupcake Containers. Fits one standard cupcake or muffin. Designed to hold cupcakes with a 2in bottom cup.

Individual Plastic Cupcake Boxes | Set of 48 Clear Plastic Dome Single Compartment Cupcake Holders With Improved Closing Mechanism …

Individual Plastic Cupcake Boxes | Set of 48 Clear Plastic Dome Single Compartment Cupcake Holders With Improved Closing Mechanism …
  1. 🎂 LARGE DEEP LIDS - The cupcake holders have a spacious lid for protecting delicate icing and decorations which holds securely when closed and can be resealed after opening.
  2. 🎂 NO FUSS - Cupcake containers holds one standard cupcake or muffin per container. This set contains 48 total containers.
  3. 🎂 PARTY ON - Great for all kinds of parties like weddings, receptions, birthdays and more.
  4. 🎂 SUPERIOR LOCKS - Best locking mechanism on the market. These plastic cupcake boxes stay closed when you seal them.
  5. 🎂 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - These cupcake holders are backed by a 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or you will receive your money back.

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12 Slot Hinged High Dome Clear Cupcake Container - 5 / Pack

Oasis Supply PJP LBH-9222-12 12-Compartment Cupcake Container with Hinged Lid, Clear

Oasis Supply PJP LBH-9222-12 12-Compartment Cupcake Container with Hinged Lid, Clear
  1. Designed to hold cupcakes with a 2in bottom cup
  2. 12 plastic containers - holds 12 cupcakes or muffins
  3. Snaps in place, Holds cupcakes in place during transportation
  4. Measures 3.5 Inches in height , 13 inches in length, 10.5 In width
  5. Bar lock closure provides a tight seal between top and bottom

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... Slot Hinged Lid Low Dome Clear Cupcake Container - 250 / Case

Set of 24 Clear Plastic Cupcake Favor Containers by FavorWrap

Green Direct Cupcake Boxes - Clear Plastic Dome Standard size Cupcake Holder Single Compartment Pack of 50

Green Direct Cupcake Boxes - Clear Plastic Dome Standard size Cupcake Holder Single Compartment Pack of 50
  1. Green Direct Fabulous Cupcake Holder is the ideal item you need to have. Its durable makeup makes it a Great Quality cupcake box, and enables it a shiny, beautiful look and feel. No matter at which occasion you will be using it, it will always make a Gorgeous Statement! For the Upcoming Christmas Holiday it is a Great idea to set as a centerpiece for every guest with your matching theme cupcake. Your Guest will surely be astonished by its beauty!
  2. Want to prepare some delicious, delicate, cupcakes? And make them look trendy, fashionable, and delightful? With Green Direct individual cupcake boxes, you will have your solution without the labor. The Attractive cupcake containers make the cupcake look like a sweet treat! Ready to enhance your table. The cupcake holder box will make your party table or simple Dinner together a Gorgeous Occasion!
  3. The Great size of the Cupcake Holder keeps all your cupcakes in place avoiding them from flying around in the Cupcake Container. It is the best cupcake carrier to inlay your simple, or decorated cupcakes to layaway for later or to send to anyone at any time. Whenever you will be sending these Phenomenal individual cupcake boxes filled with your "delicious" Cupcakes, your family, and friends will be astonished by its Gorgeous and neat look! It is the cupcake container which beautifies your treat!
  4. Our plastic cupcake container is BPA Free and Clear so you can insert any type of Cupcake, with any decorations or flavor no matter what your color scheme is. Match your cupcakes in our clear cupcake containers to other party supplies for a Bold and Enjoyable affair!
  5. The Clear Cupcake boxes are just the right solution and the Great way to start party preparations. It is the #1 box for everyone. The Phenomenal container is the cupcake favor boxes to fill with any type of simple, decorated, and extravaganza cupcakes. It is a Super idea to prepare at any type of event: weddings, birthday party, baby shower, July 4 Ceremony, or any get together you are planning on making.

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Churn Dome 1 Compartment Hinged Clear Cupcake Container - 10 / Pack

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TBK Clear Plastic Paradigm Size Cupcake Containers

Clear-Cupcake-Muffin-Distinguish-Individual-Dome-Container-Box-Plastic-100 ...

Chefible 12 Cupcake Container, Takeout Container, Cupcake Carrier - Set of 4

Chefible 12 Cupcake Container, Takeout Container, Cupcake Carrier - Set of 4
  1. THE BEST DECISION WHEN IT COMES TO A TAKEOUT CONTAINER: Strong locks and and sturdy holders will keep everything in place and prevent any mess. An extra strong design provides an impervious amount of strength, no squishing or destroyed personally designed treats.
  2. EXTRA STRONG LOCKS AND A EFFECTIVE HINGE PROVIDE AN EXCEPTIONAL SEAL: Each container is fashioned with sturdy latches to ensure a guaranteed freshness seal, so you can be assured it will be in the same shape and taste from when they were originally crafted!
  3. STURDY AND ECONOMIC DESIGN: Each container is designed and crafted to tolerate any amount of stacking. Because of the economical design no matter how many are stacked the boxes will take up little space!
  4. CONTAINER DIMENSIONS: 12 15/16 x 10 1/4 x 3 3/8 Inches, Bottom Compartment Diameter 2 Inches. Container Holds 12 Cupcakes.
  5. DURABLE AND RECYCLABLE PLASTIC, GREAT FOR MULTIPLE USES: Built with PET plastic each container is BPA free and extremely durable. Each containers durability directly correlates to there ability to be cleaned and reused, the hinge will not break!

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Clear Cupcake Boxes 4" High for high toppinges- Holds 6 Cupcakes Each- 12/Pack = 144 cupcakes

Clear Cupcake Boxes 4
  1. This cupcake container is made out of PETE plastics which an excellent water and moisture barrier. This will provide your cupcakes quality protection from oxygen, lock-in freshness, extending the duration of its previously short shelf-life! The new button-lock feature is a secondary lock to keep your sweets from spilling, and falling out. - check product description for more details
  2. clear hinged containers are designed to merchandise cupcakes and muffins of any size
  3. SIZE of container appx. 9.4" x 6.5" x 4" Snaps in place; Holds cupcakes in place during transportation
  4. 4" Height ultra Clear Cupcake Boxes Great for standard size Cupcakes with high toppinges - holds 6 cupcakes each 12/pack
  5. Imagine being able to make savory sweets and not have to worry about the rest. this 6 count, deep plastic Muffin/Cupcake container you can do just that! Display your decadent desserts with this high top container to increase visibility of your product.

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Clear Dome Individual Plastic Cupcake Muffin Single Container Box (50 Pcs)

Clear Dome Individual Plastic Cupcake Muffin Single Container Box (50 Pcs)
  1. Great for parties or cake/muffin sales!!
  2. Great new idea - these simple to use clear hinged cup cake / muffin holders are perfect to display your cakes in or to give away
  3. H 3 inches...Middle diameter 4 inches...Bottom Diameter 3.3 inches
  4. Fits one standard cupcake or muffin
  5. Features a domed lid for protecting delicate icing and decorations which holds securely when closed and can be resealed after opening.

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100 Sets Clear Plastic Cupcake Containers Holders Pack Boxes cb4

Clear Plastic Pod Muffin Container CupCake Boxes Core with Full Dome Lid - Mini(200 )

Gain your beautiful and delicious cupcakes around. Having gone through the trouble of making and icing your cakes, there is nothing worse than giving them away as gifts or selling them and seeing them being damaged in bags, etc. Features a domed lid for ...

Details about 12-Cup Locker Clear Plastic Standard Cupcake Bakery Container REF# SLP212

This is the appraisal (excluding shipping and handling fees) this seller has provided at which the seller has sold the same item, or one that is virtually identical to it, in the recent life. The "off" amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated ...

100 200 Clear Plastic Unique Cupcake Cake Case Muffin Dome Holder BOX ...

Pie With-Out Containers

Plastic pie containers are peerless for your bakery, market stand, grocery store, or cafe. Use them to package cakes and pies, so customers can take them to-go. These pie take-out containers property clear plastic lids that enable content visibility ...

Acceptance 8 oz. Clear Plastic Round Deli Container - 500/Case

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50 Clear plastic cupcake container Sweets Favor by PBCSupplies

Clear Plastic Cupcake Containers Boxes Cupcakes Are Even Sweeter ...

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