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Cake Plate And Dome. Great for parties and entertaining. Quick and easy to clean.

Libbey Selene 2-piece Cake Dome

Libbey Selene 2-piece Cake Dome
  1. Beautiful curved shape adds a shapely profile to your table; innovative design saves storage space
  2. Includes 1 footed glass cake plate and 1 glass cake dome
  3. Multifunctional design coordinates with the Selene family of serveware products and others
  4. Lead-free
  5. Quick and easy to clean

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Singapore & Hindustan (Jammul & Kashmir (& Ladakh))

Their governmental party is singular, and their national languages would make for a lucky number of clover leaves. For the month of Greedy Ghosts, offerings – not limited to food, as I saw a plate of plastic dinosaurs – pile up outside of shops, and the first... Amongst art deco buildings, stalls for...

Look over: Honk

Honk, the bistro-rage specialty restaurant showcasing culinary influences from around Asia, is one such destination. The food is inspired by common street-style dishes from across South East Asia, primarily Chinese and Japanese with a glimpse of Thai and... The décor is distinctly genuine,...

Cake Plate with Dome - The DRH Aggregation

... Kitchenware Store | cake plate w/ dome | Wedding and Gift Registries

HBlife 6-in-1 Acrylic Cake Stand Multifunctional Serving Platter and Cake Plate With Dome (6-in-1 Cake Dome)

HBlife 6-in-1 Acrylic Cake Stand Multifunctional Serving Platter and Cake Plate With Dome (6-in-1 Cake Dome)
  1. ★CHIP AND DIP SERVER: Tray can also be inverted for a sectional chip n dip serving tray
  2. ★CAKE STAND: Pedestal cake Platter with Lid cover can be used for serving and keeping cake fresh
  3. ★PUNCH BOWL: Cake dome can also function as a punch bowl or cocktail holder,with attached sectional dish used a variety of fruit garnishes or treats.
  4. ★SALAD BOWL: Cake dome can be flipped over and attached to sectional dish for a serving bowl with attached 4 section tray base. Perfect for salads and crackers, or a mini create your own salad bar,
  5. ★6-in-1 Acrylic Plastic Cake Stand with domed cover can serve multiple purposes! Measures approximately 12 inches in diameter. Dishwasher Safe.

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Swedish Princess Cake

Note: This is be that as it may consuming and difficult, so do it when you have a whole day free. For the vanilla patisserie cream. 1 vanilla pod. 500ml aggregate milk. 6 egg yolks. 140g caster sugar. 45g corn flour. For the cake layers. 150g caster sugar. 130g direct flour. 1 tsp vanilla sugar. For the whipped...


Birthdays are the correct excuse to treat yourself and go for something fancy. After dreaming of going to Quay for years and accomplished that last year, I unconditional to pick Sepia for a fine dining birthday lunch, since Sepia... All my savings literally go to scoff, but it was worth it. Lunch...

Unbreakable Plastic Cake Stand with Cover, Cake Plate with Dome, Pedestal Covered Dessert Display - 10"Dia

Unbreakable Plastic Cake Stand with Cover, Cake Plate with Dome, Pedestal Covered Dessert Display - 10
  1. Fitted dome keeps cake fresh and has a functional handle for easy lifting
  2. Beautifully crafted stand for freshly baked crust pie or homemade birthday cake, chocolate filled croissants or sugar-dusted cupcakes and much more
  3. Dimensions: Cake Platter and Dome - 9.5"H x 11.5"Dia; Dome only - 5"H x 10.2"Dia
  4. Made in the USA from food safe and environmentally-friendly high-quality materials, BPA free and dishwasher safe
  5. Makes a perfect gift for a baking-lover

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Anchor Hocking Monaco Cake Set with Ribbed Dome

Anchor Hocking Monaco Cake Set with Ribbed Dome
  1. Can be flipped over and used as punch bowl
  2. Clear glass
  3. Dishwasher safe
  4. Glass cake stand and ribbed glass dome made in the USA

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Window-pane Cake Plate with Dome

Juno, Gino, You Cognizant of, It’s Good

While waffling between customary to my favourite Italian restaurant or going for sushi, the latter won. Juno at 2638 N. Lincoln Avenue in Chicago’s Lincoln Greensward was one restaurant that looked interesting and after reading a few reviews, there was some... In retrospect, the evening was one well spent....

Baby Vintage Glass Cake Plate with Dome Reads "Cake" by HouseofLucien ...

The Lobbyist Lounge Take 4 ft. Anna's Mess

The pop up has finished, but I of Anna's Mess is still available from the Lobby Lounge at Shangri-La hotel. I actually had Anna's Mess earlier endure year, before it rose to fame this year on MasterChef as a pressure test. This time I opted for the large one to quota with friends (although it's...

... Opera-glasses Footed Glass Cake Plate with Dome - Serveware at Hayneedle

Xperience Restaurant @ Sofitel So Hostelry Singapore - A So Seasonal Spring Menu

Xperience Restaurant at Sofitel So Singapore has a new chef at command - Chef Trevor Paulo , to continue creating a dining experience that is So... The focus is on European cuisine but coming out from his scullery expect something less conventional. His kitchen is not just simply being open-concept,...

BACK TO THE Low-spirited RIDGE

As we reach Amish region we see lots of buggies & Amish farms. Then at Bird-in-Hand we stop to buy goodies – especially some famous Shoofly pie (really like my banofee pie without bananas & cream – which in my... ) We round out our Amish drive in Lancaster, deciding then to pop back on the...

American Atelier Bianca Pedestal Cake Plate with Dome, White

American Atelier Bianca Pedestal Cake Plate with Dome, White
  1. Includes a glass dome
  2. Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 12 Inch
  3. Great for parties and entertaining
  4. Plate material: earthenware
  5. Hand wash only

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Jay Denote Cake Plate & Dome

How To Body a Better Watermelon Cake

seedless watermelon — this assay is manageable to handle and fits well on a standard cake stand . After halving the watermelon, remove the peel and continue to shape the watermelon with a loud knife into a dome. This shape will help keep the frosting in ...

How to devise new decor with found accessories

Looking to develop a unique vignette for your kitchen? Find a cake stand and add several kitchen accessories. I love using a “cloche” (for us plain Southern folks, I title it a glass dome) and placing faux fruit underneath. The light reflecting off ...

Quality Glass Cake Plate w/ Dome

A Princess Cake (Prinsesstårta) for Mum

It was my Take care of’s birthday recently so of course I had to make her a special cake. Her all time favourite cake is a Swedish princess cake as she loves a effects sponge cake and she also loves marzipan. A princess cake is essentially a dome shaped sponge cake with strawberry jam and cream covered...

Pineapple Upside Down Cake - Residence & Family

Let cake cooling in pan for 30 minutes. Run a sharp knife around sides of pan to loosen cake; tap bottom of pan and invert cake onto a large plate. DO AHEAD: Cake can be made 8 hours on. Cover with a cake dome and let stand at room temperature.

... Gladness is Homemade Cake Plate with Dome - Serveware at Hayneedle

How to elaborate rich butter cake

Let move for 5 minutes then turn out onto wire cake rack ... and then decorate it with simple flowers. “To cover the cake, firstly cut the dome top off the cake and turn the cake upside down so you have a tenement surface to cover,’’ she said.

Low-priced Glass Covered Cake Plate, find Glass Covered Cake Plate deals on ...

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